The building

Nothing now survives of the Saxon or Norman church which the Domesday Book tells us was standing in Kirton, then Kirketuna, in 1086. Successive rebuildings have obliterated or obscured almost all evidence of earlier buildings leaving only the font (partly 13th C), the south doorway, a piscina and two image niches to show that a church existed here before the 16th century.
In recent years replacement of the Victorian obscured glass in the east window with modern clear glass and major re-ordering with the addition of a new porch, has produced a church building with a delightful air of lightness and dignity. There is also a church hall available for hire.
Based on the church guide written by Peter Northeast.

The organisation Friends of Kirton Church exists to support the maintenance and repair of the church building.

The panoramic view of the interior (below) was kindly provided by local photographer, Rod Macmillan.
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