The Gardeners’ Club was founded in January 2001 and had 90 members in 2018.
It meets usually on the second Thursday of every month in the Village Hall at 7:30pm

Secretary: Jenny Bearcroft

2020 Programme
January 9th Thursday
The Weeding of the 5,000 With 2 Hoes & 5 Wishes
Jaime Blake from Bressingham Gardens

February 13thThursday
Darren Broooks from Notcutts

March 12th Thursday AGM to Start
Natural Pest Control for the Garden
Julian Ives from Dragonfli

April 9th Thursday
Simon & Jay from Hedgehog Nursery

May 19th Thursday
VISIT Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses £5 per person

June 11th Thursday
VISIT Woodwards Garden £6 including refreshments

June 20th Saturday
DAY TRIP Capel Manor Gardens Summer Flower Festival

July 9th Thursday
VISIT Ray Martin’s Rose Allotment

August 13th Thursday
VISIT Kiln Farm Nursery tea or coffee £2 cake £2

September 12th Thursday
Robert & Denise Sheriff from Honey Tye Flowers

October 8th Thursday
Joe Sharman from Monk Silver Nursery
November 12th Thursday
Winter Plant Care
Luci Skinner from Woottens of Wenhaston

December 10th Thursday Christmas Party
Ben Potterton from Blacksmiths Nursery & Shorelands
Wildlife Gardens

Garden Party – garden & date to be confirmed