April 2021

As with all clubs, the Gardeners club is in limbo awaiting the end of Covid restrictions and a return to normal services! The government has published a road map for the future and hopefully there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to resume activities in some form in the summer. Nothing is certain at the moment but we are hoping to start with our summer evening visits, the first of which is in May. However it would seem that social distancing will still be with us and car sharing might not be possible. Beyond that is anybody’s guess but we hope our Christmas party with guest speaker will be a runner and we will be able to celebrate our 20 years’ anniversary! So lots of ifs and buts before we get back on track!!

Dobies seeds - It is still possible to order seeds and other products from Dobies and if you need a catalogue contact Brian on 448372.

Butternut squash - I has been a great year for squash , the hot summer resulting in fruiting from august and those in storage lasting until March. They are very easy to grow and if you would like some seed let me know.

Meanwhile if you fancy joining the club let Jenny know on 448571.
We will keep you informed of any developments.

Roy Mallett 616

March 2020

April meeting – ‘Epimediums‘ - Simon & Jay from Hedgehog Nursery
7.30 pm Village Hall Thurs. 9th. April 2020

March meeting
Julian Ives of Dragonfli was unable to attend but Jenny was able to book the popular Dr. Ian Bedford & he duly arrived on time to follow AGM. Ian, now retired, was head of entomology at the renowned John Innes Research Centre, Norwich for over 40 years, His subject was ‘ Slugs all you need to Know’ Read More...

February 2020


March meeting
‘Natural Pest Control for the Garden’ Julian Ives, Dragonfli
Thurs. 12th. March 7.30pm Village Hall

February meeting
– we welcomed the Notcutts little and large show in the shape of Darren Brooks and Rob Canham talking on ‘ House Plants ‘. Read More...

January 2020


February meeting -
‘House Plants ‘ Darren Brooks of Notcutts - 7.30 pm
Village Hall - Thursday 13th. February 2020.

January meeting – Jaime Blake: The Weeding of the 5,000 With 2 Hoes & 5 Wishes Read More...

December 2019

February meeting - ‘ House Plants ‘ Darren Brooks of Notcutts - 7.30 pm
Village Hall - Thursday 13th. February 2020.
January meeting – Jaime Blake – report to follow from Jenny.
Christmas Party - A very wet and windy night welcomed Nick Bailey and Sharon to our Christmas end of year party. However despite the weather a full house of around 80 members and guests turned out including ladies scrambling for front row seats!! Read More...