A Elections £140.00

B Heavy use of Hall : £70.00

Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Dances, Quizzes, Socials,
Concerts, Exhibitions & Craft Days            

Each ACTIVE  setting-up session : £5.00        

C Light use of Hall : £40.00

Whist drives, Meetings, Children¹s Parties, refreshments after weddings, etc, Jumble Sales, Business promotions.

Each ACTIVE setting up session : £5.00

D Series Bookings  of Light Use of Hall only : £25.00

E Camps by Guides, Brownies, Cubs etc; per day : £40.00

F Church events, Church sponsored events, Quiet Days, etc : Any fees by arrangement.

When booking please give:–

• the name of the person to be invoiced,
• their address,
• their telephone number,
• the agreed times of the event and use of the Hall (different);
• the fee to be paid.

For activities other than that defined above please contact the Booking Secretary, Sue Claydon, on 01 394 448 690

You can use the booking enquiry form.