A Elections £120.00

B Heavy use of Hall : £70.00

Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Dances, Quizzes, Socials,
Concerts, Exhibitions & Craft Days            

Each ACTIVE  setting up session : £5.00        

C Light use of Hall : £38.00

Whist drives, Meetings, Children¹s Parties, refreshments after weddings, etc, Jumble Sales, Business promotions.

Each ACTIVE setting up session : £5.00

D Series Bookings  of Light Use of Hall only : £24.00

E Camps by Guides, Brownies, Cubs etc; per day : £40.00

F Church events, Church sponsored events, Quiet Days, etc : Any fees by arrangement.

When booking please give:–

• the name of the person to be invoiced,
• their address,
• their telephone number,
• the agreed times of the event and use of the Hall (different);
• the fee to be paid.

For activities other than that defined above please contact the Booking Secretary on 01 394 448 238

You can use the booking enquiry form.