We also serve, who stand apart.

We also serve, who stand apart.

Let us stand apart,
Many can’t be with us
because they’re trying to save lives
or supporting others.

Let us keep the gap,
then they can each take heart,
when they see us standing apart,
as we give them a thankful clap.

We must give each other space,
it’s not too much they ask,
So, let us all with good grace,
perform this simple task.

It’s said that by example,
one should take the lead,
and clearly, in Kirton and Falkenham
We are all doing,
Very well indeed.

So, let’s keep it up dear friends,
and on Thursdays, let our applause,
be heard for miles and miles
We are serving,
a life-saving cause!

Janet Jones, Good Friday 2020

The Review

Unfortunately, there will not be any further editions printed of the Review until we can safely ask our deliverers to circulate it for us and we have sufficient copy to put in it. Read More...

Easter Activity

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Children's Society

THE CHILDREN’S SOCIETY has suspended all Box Holder activity for the time being.
Maddy Rhodes, co-ordinator for Kirton & Falkenham, usually holds a Box Opening coffee morning in July/August when the boxes are opened and the money collected is sent to the Society.

This probably won’t happen this year. The Children’s Society is going to miss out on the approx £700 which we collect annually. Anyone wishing to send a donation individually can do so through The Children’s Society website:


Some changes to the April Review

Following the recent update to The Review, please note that Kirton Church will remain locked. Some advertised events have been cancelled.
Please check
The Diary for the latest information.