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The Kirton & Falkenham Emergency Plan

Dear Parishioner
In 2018 the Kirton & Falkenham Parishes Emergency plan was updated. In the process many of you registered that you may, under difficult circumstances, be willing and able to offer some assistance. A few also registered, that they may be vulnerable and possibly in need of some assistance in emergencies.

With the occurrences of “The Beast from the East” winter and the current pandemic, the plan has been found to be ineffective and, with the General Data Protection Regulations being in force, it has been unsustainable in its current form. Because of the regulations the lists of people offering assistance and of those possibly needing help have been withdrawn.

One of the problems was found to be the instigation of the plan at the outset, as well as maintaining an up-to-date list of names. The other problem involved deciding what. if anything, was required of those involved in the plan.

It is now thought that in a similar local, county or national emergency, the notification will be sent out on Facebook. It is suggested that, if you are able, and you do not already have one, you open a Facebook account, and you join the Kirton & Falkenham Friends and Neighbours group. This can, if you so wish, be restricted to friends only, and may only show your name but no other details. This could be particularly important if a request for assistance is made by the community e.g. collecting and/or delivering medicines or food parcels, the use of a 4x4 vehicle or a request for volunteer help in a local emergency hall.

It could be helpful for you if you require assistance, however if you feel you could be vulnerable or do not wish to use Facebook then any of the Co-Ordinators, who are listed below can be contacted.

The updated emergency plan can be viewed on the Kirton & Falkenham Parish Council internet page, or in writing on request to The Parish Clerk.

Please note that this plan is intended as a response to abnormal situations only.

If you require help from the police, fire or ambulance service in an emergency then please dial 999.

If non-urgent assistance is needed then for the police please dial 101 and for medical purposes the number is 111. 0ther useful numbers are listed on the Emergency Plan.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, if you require further information then please contact me, Peter Lickert, on the number shown below.

Peter Lickert
For Kirton & Falkenham Parish Council
The list of Emergency Plan Co-Ordinators: —
Peter Lickert,
Elspeth Lickert,
Derek Jacobs,
Graham Walker,
Rosie Walker
Jo Shaw,
Julie Durrant