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Kirton & Trimley Community Action Group

I have to start this article by acknowledging the huge contribution to our Community’s welfare being made by Graham Walker, Jack Cade and members of the Kirton Parish Council. These guys were massive when it came to warning us of significant local issues. Indeed, were it not for their public meeting on 24th August, the Kirton and Trimley Community Campaign Group (KATCAG) would not have been formed. We should be thanking you all every time you show your faces in the village!!

In the event, KATCAG is now motoring. We decided to join forces with our Trimley colleagues at an early stage because we found so many cyclical arguments were being employed by proponents of the Draft Local Plan. T

Kirton Land Grab

See the Kirton and Trimley Community Action Group for information on the Kirton Land Grab (Innocence Farm, etc.) Read More...

Latest updates from Kirton & Falkenham PC

Innocence Farm update
See website for more detail and how to get involved.

Worrying Housing land 'call for sites' news
See website for more detail and how to get involved.

Poor state of Innocence Lane and Back Road
Following inspection with SCC Highways it’s unlikely that we'll get a short term fix, read more on the web site as well as how to make a claim should your vehicle sustain damage.

Community Emergency Plan
Residents of Kirton and Falkenham should by now have received a news letter outlining the Community Emergency Plan.

Annual Parish Meeting 7.30pm, 10th April - Talk by Scottish Power Renewables
Scottish Power Renewables will be giving a talk on the cable works in the parish in connection with the off-shore wind farm developments.  

This information & further detail is on the K&F PC web site, which will include any further updates.  
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