March 2017

Next meeting: Thursday April 13th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Demonstration: Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses plus Tasting overseen by: Jason Salisbury.
Competition: A Cheese Recipe (if possible bring printed copies for members to take away.)
Trading Stall: miscellaneous.

In the committee – a group that meets a few days before our main meeting - ways to recruit new members were discussed. It was suggested that an evening get together might be more convenient for some people than the present afternoon sessions, either as an alternative or as an addition to our current set up. Read More...

February 2017

Birthday meeting: Thursday March 9th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Entertainment: Don's Melody Makers. Wear a hat to support the Brain Tumour Association.
No Competition
Trading Stall: miscellaneous

Last Thursday we waited for our speaker to arrive. As the minutes ticked by and he did not turn up we wondered how we were going to fill the time at our disposal. However, as the subject of the talk he was supposed to be giving concerned residents of Ipswich who had done brave deeds during the 2nd World War several of us had brought mementoes in the form of medals won by our relatives. We were therefore invited to tell the stories that lay behind them. Read More...

January 2017

Next meeting: Thursday Feb 9th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Speaker: David Empson on Brave Men of Ipswich.
Competition: A medal or certificate you have won. (Also bring along any wartime medals you may have). Trading Stall: miscellaneous

Now that we've got Christmas and January 1st over with Kirton and Falkenham WI is starting to think about 2017 and plan some activities for the coming year. Read More...

November 2016


Next meeting: Thursday Dec 8th at 1.15pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
The meeting will consist of a fish'n'chip lunch followed by Christmas Celebrations.
Please bring a baby photo of yourself to be used in a guessing game.
Trading Stall: miscellaneous

The Arts and Crafts Fair at the church hall was a great success and our cake stall made £72.50. We didn't have much left over at the end and what did remain wasn't wasted. As out trip this year to Newmarket Ladies' Day went down so well it was suggested we have another next year, perhaps in company with the Kirton 'Blokes' if they are agreeable. In 2017 the National AGM will be held in Liverpool, a city well worth visiting these days, and Kirton and Falkenham will be supplying a delegate who will represent Levington, Nacton and Bucklesham WIs as well as ourselves. Besides the delegate, anyone else can go along but they must be prepared to pay the price of travel and accommodation; the delegate goes free. As announced above our meeting next month will start early at 1.15pm as we are going to partake of a fish'n'chip lunch before we get down to the Christmas high jinks. Another meal is also on the cards for 16th February 2017 when it has been suggested we go to the Ferryboat Inn at Felixstowe Ferry.

October 2016


Next meeting: Thursday Nov 10th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
AGM followed by speaker: Felicity Kaplan
Subject: Transcendental Meditation.
Competition: Short sentence on 'How I like to relax'.
Trading Stall: miscellaneous

If you're new to the village, are of the feminine gender, and are wondering how you can become part of this new community you're entering why not join the Kirton and Falkenham Women's Institute. We're a lively bunch, have been growing recently and are always looking for new members of all ages. We meet every second Thursday of the month at 2pm in the village hall. Here we are entertained by a variety of speakers on subjects ranging from Suffolk Murders to Costume Design to Transcendental Meditation (see above). Those are just examples taken from this year's programme. There are always eats provided on a rota basis by members.