Kirton and Falkenham WI
President: Mrs Ann Colvill
Secretary: Mrs C Welling
Treasurer: Mrs W Taylor
Assistant Treasurer: Mrs P Cole
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We usually meet monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 2pm in the
Village Hall Falkenham Road, IP10 0QW
Now that the Village Hall has been refurbished, meetings will return there.

2022 Programme
13 January Piano, organ and keyboard – Karl Lockwood: Performance, songs and audience participation
10 February
Home-start in Suffolk – Sylvia
Competition: Bring along a childhood toy.
10 March
Changing lives together. Suffolk charities – Tim Holder
Birthday meeting
14 April
CANCELLED due to Covid.
May 12th
Resolutions. Game / Quiz
9 June
Paper sculpture demonstration – Colin Hopper
Competition Make a decorated headdress incorporating the use of paper.
14 July
An Englishwoman’s life in rural Turkey – Jennifer Gibbs
Competition A year in Provence? Where would you like to live for a year?
Bring an artefact to support your destination choice.
11 August
Garden party
8 September
Forensic science – Brian Heard
Competition: “A brush with the law” in no more than 30 words.
13 October
Trek to the Antarctic – Claudia Myatt
Competition: 'A photograph of a snowy, winter's day'
10 November
Reflexology / AGM – Penny Simmonds
8 December
Christmas Party – “What, no cake?” – the New Ukulele Band.
Competition: A Christmas Star decoration

2021 Programme
10 June Members Picnic in Recreation Ground 2pm Step 3 Covid restrictions will apply so the maximum number allowed will be 30.
8 July
Beetle Drive 2pm – Competition: Wear a piece of jewellery or clothing or bring a household item depicting an insect, preferably a beetle
12 August
Members’ Strawberry Tea 2pm – Competition: Who is the best dressed 1920s lady?
13 August
Our Centenary Exhibition 2-4 pm All welcome
14 August
Centenary Garden Party & Exhibition 11am – 5pm All welcome
9 September Sonya Burrows:
Drought Gardening 2pm – Competition: Make a pressed or dried flower picture. Meet at the Methodist Church
14 October
Members’ Centenary Lunch at The Ferry Boat Inn – time tbc
11 November
Erik Punaks will regale us with his 'The Craft of Comic Verse - An Entertainment' – AGM 2pm – Competition: Write a short article (max 40 words) incorporating as many homophones as possible. Include both (or all) in your piece eg vane and vein.
9 December
Christmas Party 2pm – Competition: Make a Christmas cracker

2020 Programme

9 January – Sharon Lockhart:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Competition: Upcycle a plastic bottle
13 February – Alan Weeks:
The History of Houses
12 March – Ann Wilding:
From Verse to Worse
Competition: Write a limerick
9 April – Sonya Burrows:
Drought Gardening
Competition: Make a pressed or dry flower picture
14 May – Resolutions
11 June – Kate Cole:
Clara Woolnough –Nurse in WW1
9 July – Helen Reeve:
For the Love of Cows
Competition: Your favourite recipe using milk as main ingredient
13 August –
Garden Party
Covid restrictions applied

2019 Programme
10 January David Phelan: The History of St Audrey’s – Workhouse to Asylum
14 February Mrs Tina Oldfield: Trek for Life (Everest Base Camp)
Competition: Map and photo of your favourite walk
5 March Federation Meeting, Trinity Park, Ipswich
14 March Kevin Hegarty: The Minstrels – Music, Instruments and Life of Tudor England (in costume)
11 April Mrs Carole Wheatley: Biberach Revisited – Guernsey People sent to Germany in WW2
Competition: Please bring any WW2 memorabilia
30 April Group AGM
9 May Resolutions Committee to decide
5 June National AGM
13 June Wendy Smith: Talk on being a line judge at Wimbledon
Competition: In no more than 20 words, possibly with photos, medals and cups “Your Best Sporting Achievemnt”
11 July Mrs Marianne Brame : Silver and Gemstones
Competition: A piece of Pretty Jewellery
8 August Garden Party. Venue TBA.
12 September Ruth Leigh: Paella and Tapas Company
10 October Ken Stone: A royal Year
Competition: A commemorative memento of a Royal Occasion
14 November Janet Dann: Words for Life/Inspiring Women
12 December Christmas Celebrations
Competition: Seasonal table decoration in a tea cup.

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